The Educational Opportunity Project: visualizing the first national database of academic performance

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Our interactive nationwide map offers several ways to view academic achievement and educational opportunity at a range of geographic scales


About the Client

The Educational Opportunity Project (an effort of the Stanford Education Data Archive, or SEDA) is a team of professors, researchers, and data experts focused on using data to generate evidence about what policies and contexts are most effective at increasing educational opportunity.

About the Project

Racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities in academic performance and educational attainment are stubborn—but not inevitable or immutable—features of the U.S. educational system. By making education and other data publicly accessible and engaging via interactive visualizations, the project aims to illustrate the relationship between academic achievement and educational opportunity, and promote change in the conditions that create these outcomes and disparities.

The Educational Opportunity Project is an initiative aimed at harnessing data to help scholars, policymakers, educators, and parents learn how to improve educational opportunity for all children.

Goals and challenges

  • Showcase large quantities of data in a digestible format across a variety of visualization modalities
  • Contextualize student scores alongside socioeconomic conditions, which strongly correlate with educational outcomes
  • Ensure the usability of complex interfaces and the comprehensibility of academic concepts
  • Facilitate changemakers’ ability to share the data beyond the website

Solutions and Features

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Coverage and Impact

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