Hyperobjekt and the Eviction Lab at Princeton University visualize the first ever national dataset of evictions

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A closeup view of our innovative application featuring a choropleth map, bubbles depicting eviction rates, and important geographic context.


About Client

The Eviction Lab is a team of researchers and students who believe that a stable and affordable home is central to a positive human experience and economic mobility. Matthew Desmond, the Principal Investigator at the Eviction Lab, started studying housing, poverty, and eviction in 2008 and through the combination of ethnographic fieldwork and original statistic analyses, discovered that eviction was prevalent in low-income communities and functioned as a cause, not just a condition, of poverty.

Observed Gap

At the outset of this project, there was no available national database of eviction statistics, and little was known about the prevalence and geographic distribution of forced displacement. The Eviction Lab dedicated itself to collecting these data, and hired us to build an engaging platform to disseminate it to journalists, researchers, advocates, and the wider public to address fundamental questions about residential instability, forced moves, and poverty in America.

Eviction Lab provides data and tools to better understand America’s eviction epidemic.

Goals and challenges

  • Visualize data comprising millions of eviction records and Census data across 18 years, at scales ranging from states to Census Block Groups
  • Facilitate easy place-to-place comparisons and rankings
  • Devise a parallel system for up-to-date eviction tracking based on latest court-provided data
  • Provide a platform for regular updates and articles created by the Lab
  • Communicate the causes and consequences of eviction for individuals, families, and communities

Solutions and Features

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Coverage and Impact

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