The Promise Institute at the UCLA School of Law partners with Hyperobjekt to launch a new digital home

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About the Institute

The Promise Institute for Human Rights is the innovative center for human rights education, research, and impact at UCLA School of Law. Leveraging the creativity and dynamism of Los Angeles, they seek to reimagine the potential of human rights to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

About the Project

The Institute approached us with a multifaceted challenge: create a visually engaging and accessible platform to showcase their broad range of initiatives, compellingly portray and inform about their human rights mission, and capture all desired elements within a clear and intuitive information architecture. With audiences encompassing prospective students, donors, and the broader human rights community, a comprehensive digital solution was needed to elevate their online presence and effectively convey their mission and impact.

The Promise Institute brings together leading experts in international law and human rights to empower the next generation of human rights lawyers and leaders.

Goals and challenges

  • Create information architecture for a web presence spanning hundreds of focus areas, projects, publications, classes, and other content types
  • Create a backend system to facilitate flexible content management, enabling regular updates and intra-site linking of modular, reusable components
  • Reach a variety of audiences via bold design that communicates the Institute’s position as visionary advocates at the forefront of human rights work

Solutions and Features

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Coverage and Impact

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